We have always wondered what Santa Claus does when he is not busy delivering toys around the world on Christmas Eve - and now we know. Apparently, it involves running for public office.

Of course, having Santa Claus on the North Pole city council seems to make a lot of sense. In fact, one would think he would have a permanent seat there, but he doesn't.

According to the Fairbanks News Miner, Santa Claus started a write-in campaign about two weeks before the North Pole election on October 6, and won the election with 58 write-in votes.

Of course,  you are saying this is all some sort of gag, but it actually isn't. Thomas Patrick-O'Connor legally changed his name to Santa Claus, and actually campaigned in the streets wearing the signature red velvet suit.

Several other write-in candidates received votes in the town of 2200 people - and most likely anyone who voted for them will be receiving chunks of coal in their stockings this Christmas.

As for the winner, it's not the first venture into public service for St. Nick. Santa Claus previously was the president of the North Pole Chamber of Commerce. First the chamber, then city council - what's next, Congress?