In 2003, a rock music festival was born in western Colorado called Rock Jam.

Country Jam Gives Birth to Rock Jam

Country Jam had been going strong for years out at the Jam Ranch at Mack. One time a year for four days, the festival grounds would come alive with thousands of fans and the top country music acts in the country.

Somebody, and I'm not sure who it was exactly, thought it might be a good idea to do a festival for a completely different audience - and get some more good use out of the venue. Why not give rock fans their own festival? Why should country music loves have all the fun? Rock Jam was born, and as it turned out it was a good idea.

Hall of Fame Bands on the Rock Jam Stage

For the next 10 years, the 2-day festival brought in top rock acts to western Colorado like KISS, Def Leppard, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, ZZ Top, Kid Rock, Poison, and countless others.

Rock Jam was put on at a much smaller scale than its mother event Country Jam, but it was my experience over the years that the rock fans were every bit as passionate about their music as their country counterparts. Remember this promotional spot for Rock Jam 2012?

Of course, Rock Jam was loud. The rock audience wouldn't have wanted it any other way. In later years, the vibe of the festival clearly changed and moved away from mainstream bands like Foreigner, Chicago, and Styx and targeted a younger audience with bands like Korn, Pop Evil, and Three Doors Down.

Rock Jam Line Ups Year - By - Year

Western Colorado has seen some amazing concerts through the years, and one of the highlights of the summer for rock fans used to be Rock Jam. When you look at the lineups, it's a who's who of rock and roll. Take a stroll with us back to the days of Rock Jam and then share your memories and most memorable moments from your favorite year at Rock Jam.

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