There's good news and bad news in the latest annual crime report from the Grand Junction Police Department. Some crimes are down like robbery and vandalism while there was an increase in some crimes like rape and DUI.

According to the report, released on the Grand Junction Police Department website, there were slightly more reported incidents in 2014 compared to the previous year, but it was actually less by about 700 incidents in 2011 and 2012.

Rape numbers were up from 48 to 67, and DUI arrests were up over 100 from the previous year to 472, the  most since 2011.

Quite a few crimes were down in 2014 including shoplifting, robbery, vandalism, and car break-ins. In 2014, there were two homicides - same as 2013 - up from one murder in 2012.

The fact is, at least the way I see it, Grand Junction remains a great place to live,  raise a family or retire. There's always going to be crime no matter where you live, there's no escaping it. GJ feels like a peaceful place to live. Would you agree? Does it feel like to you there has been a noticeable difference in crime one way or another in recent years?