A Pueblo man has been arrested for killing his wife and leaving her body in an alley with a teddy bear. He beat her to death then moved her body with a stroller.

Rashad Jackson and his wife Greythonia were squatting in a house in Pueblo with their two kids. They were recently evicted from their home after not paying rent since August 2019, according to KRDO.

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Greythonia's body was found with significant facial injuries in an alleyway on Monday afternoon after Rashad called 911. His story changes as police question him.

Originally he told investigators that she had left to get milk for their kids but never returned on Monday. He said he didn't' call it in because he thought he had to wait 24 hours before she was considered missing. He stated he was going to the library with his kids to charge his phone and contact her when he came across her body.

When police recovered surveillance video from a nearby home, a man in Rashad's clothing is seen pushing a stroller that had the front covered. While police were questioning him, he said that he and his wife had been fighting. He said he slapped and hit her with a closed fist, and she would pull his dreads, hit him in the head and bite him, according to KRDO.

The couple was fighting about getting their son a birthday present and getting jobs. According to Rashad, they stopped fighting and went to sleep. When they woke up, he said Greythonia wasn't breathing and that he tried to give her CPR. Rashad said he couldn't call 911 because his phone was dead and that he put his wife's body in a stroller and moved her to an alley hoping that someone else would find her and call 911.

After a few hours of no one noticing her, he went back and moved her body to make her more visible and put a teddy bear next to her so she wouldn't be alone. Eventually, Rashad asked a neighbor to use their phone and called 911.

Rashad is currently at the Pueblo County Correctional Facility and his two children are safe and being cared for, according to KRDO.

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