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They're back. If you thought creepy clowns were done making the world weird when they first appeared a few years ago, think again. A new one wielding a knife recently struck in Colorado.

The Pueblo Police Department shared this painted face fella on their Facebook page.

CBS 4 in Denver shared some other details from the Pueblo police. The culprit is allegedly a heavy-set male wearing a dark jacket.

Why mention this if it's just a Colorado thing? You might recall that creepy clowns began making appearances in Wyoming in the fall of 2016 after appearing in Colorado and other parts of the country. Once you see one, it seems other losers feel the need to make this a viral thing. There's also that tendency for the weirdness to travel up I-25 and find our neck of the woods, too.

This could be just a one-off robbery, but it's worth being aware that creepy clowns may become a part of 2020 yet. That would figure.

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