Could you imagine being able to have margaritas delivered to you from your favorite restaurant from now on? Because that could soon be a reality as a new bill was introduced in the Colorado House of Representatives proposing restaurants be allowed to continue with delivery and takeout alcoholic beverages after pandemic restrictions are lifted currently set to expire on July 1st.

The details were released by CBS4, regarding bill HB21-1027 that would allow the takeout and delivery of beverages with alcohol to continue indefinitely. It was eleven months ago that Colorado Governor Jared Polis made the change to allow alcohol to be delivered or part of a takeout order to help restaurants that were hurting severely due to COVID-19 and the restrictions that came down with the pandemic.

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The bill is expected to be heard by the House Business Affairs and Labor Committee on Thursday, March 4th. There are three other states that are thinking about making this same change Maine, Florida, and Alabama.

To be honest, I don't see why it would even be a question to allow restaurants to continue to sell alcoholic beverages for takeout or delivery. These restaurants and small business owners are going to be working hard for years to recover from this pandemic and the damage done to their bottom line.

Plus with delivery alcohol, I would hope that it would help lower the amount of drinking and driving. Although let's be honest if people want to drink and drive they are going to do it whether they can have their drinks delivered or not.


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