About a month ago we asked the question "is a homeless campground in Grand Junction a good idea?" and the results are in.

After hearing about a homeless campground in New Mexico, and that the city of Durango was considering one, it made us wonder how people would feel about doing something like that in Grand Junction and would it be a good idea?

In our poll, there seemed to be some mixed reaction. While 43%  thought a homeless campground was a good idea, 25% said no, and 25% said they weren't sure. Another 7% offered their own answers.

"For crying in the Night!! We do enough already!!!!"


"We have a huge drug and alcohol problem here in Mesa County."


Who knows if a homeless campground will ever come to the Grand Valley, but I thought it would be interesting at least to see what local residents felt about the idea.

If haven't taken part in the poll and would like to, please cast your vote below and I will give updated results in a few weeks.


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