We're just asking, does Grand Junction need a campground for homeless adults?

The Durango Herald reports that their city is considering a regulated campground for homeless adults, much like one that is located in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

The campground in New Mexico is supported financially by schools, churches, and non-profits. The campground enforces a no drinking, no drugs, no fighting policy and is essentially run by the people that stay there. The camp has bathrooms, showers, and structures to protect tents from the weather. It's also not intended to be a permanent dwelling, but rather a temporary stop on the way to regular housing.

It's no secret that Grand Junction has a large homeless population, but it also has a facility in Homeward Bound that provides temporary shelter for the homeless and strives to help them to become self-sufficient. The shelter houses 90+ residents every night.

Of course, there are plenty of other services offered to Grand Junction's homeless to help ensure they are fed and clothed. In fact, there are no less than 24 organizations committed to this effort.

Is a campground for the homeless in Grand Junction a good idea? If Grand Junction were to have a campground, where would it be? Who would fund it and oversee it? These are all good questions that may or may not have answers.

I'm not sure a campground for the homeless in the Grand Valley is such a good idea. It seems like resources are already stretched to their limits as organizations fight to meet the needs of the indigent in the community.

It should be interesting to watch the city of Durango and which direction they decide to go with the homeless campground idea.

What do you think about the idea in Grand Junction?


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