Colorado Springs Police, acting on a check of welfare found an illegal daycare being run by a woman with felony and misdemeanor arrest warrants.

The "Tiny Toes" Daycare in Colorado Springs was being run by a woman and a man, 27-year-old Anna Brim, who had identified herself as Sarah Richmond and Dirk Kilgore, 44.

In addition to running an illegal daycare facility, police found a stash of drugs and drug paraphernalia, including 12.6 grams of methamphetamine, 35 grams of heroin, and 550 prescription pills as well as over $2,000 in cash and a handgun.

As police arrived on the scene, so did the parents of one of the children in the daycare who had been unable to contact the babysitter.

Colorado Springs police had set up a perimeter area and began negotiations to have the child released. Several hours later, Kilgore came out with the toddler, who had been crying, and gave the youngster back to the parents.

The two are being charged with a variety of crimes, including unlawful distribution and possession of a firearm by someone with previous offenses.

Police are actively searching for more information on the daycare and the individuals running it.

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