Parents are being warned about "subminal" messages about suicide are popping up on YouTube Kids and YouTube.

We all understand that the internet is an unsafe place in general. Parents are highly encouraged to keep track of what their children are viewing on the internet.

Sometimes, however, even places created with children's safety in mind danger creeps in. Take YouTube Kids for example. YouTube knew their flagship social video site hosted content taht could be dangerous to children, so they started a kids version.

Now, a pediatrician who hosts the mommy blog PediMom found short clips of a man telling kids the proper way to slit their wrists.

The short clip is never at the beginning of the video, so it's hard to distinquish if a child's video contains the inappropriate content.

PediMom, with the help of social media, has worked to get the videos containg the clips down. That, she says, takes a few days for the social giant to remove the video.

She shared a short clip found by someone else on YouTube for parents to become familiar with what videos it's contained in and what the suicidal content is.

Normally a few minutes in, an older man comes into the video and says the following while making slicing motion with his hand.

Remember kids: sideways for attention, longways for results. End it.

Suicide is already a serious situation with young people, they shouldn't be exposed to stuff like this.

Talk with your children to make sure they let you know of anything inappropriate in the videos they watch so you can report them to the YouTube.

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