There are hundreds of us that use the James M. Robb State Park in Grand Junction just off 32 Road, it’s so close to my house I visit there often with my dogs and my wife. But I will be a lot more careful moving forward when visiting as on the NextDoor app there are reports of rattlesnakes being heard and seen in the area. Obviously, we shouldn’t be too shocked about finding out about snakes in our area but rattlesnakes this early did seem a little unusual, but always best to be cautious especially around snakes.

Snakes of any sort are not something that I look forward to encountering while adventuring and exploring here in Colorado, so when I hear about them I like to spread the word so you aren’t shocked when you see one.

More Details on the Rattlesnakes Seen in Grand Junction

The two rattlesnakes spotted over the weekend were younger, which can often be more deadly than the larger snakes. One comment online asked if these were 100% rattlesnakes because they are more often found in the book cliffs, but the person who saw the snake was certain it was a rattlesnake.

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Bull Snakes Can Often Mimic Rattlesnakes

It’s possible that the snake spotted over the weekend was a bull snake that often mimics the rattlesnake with noise and action. But whether it was a bull snake, a rattlesnake, or any other kind of snake please be careful when recreating here in Colorado.

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