While I understand the reason behind red light cameras I don't believe they are a necessity here in Grand Junction. To be honest, I haven't heard the topic popping up yet, but I did read an article this morning about how in Colorado Springs 2 new red-light cameras are being installed and actually go live today (September 25, 2020). There are 8 cameras already in place.

The article was written by KKTV, and it outlined that the new red-light cameras were being installed in a proactive effort to discourage drivers from breaking traffic laws. But to me, it seems like an easy way to slap someone with a $75 fine for a simple mistake even if no one is around.

At the new red-light cameras on the front range, there will be a 30-day warning period before fines begin to be issued but it still seems a little ridiculous to me. It's one thing if a law enforcement officer sees an infraction taking place but a camera keeping an eye on your driving just waiting for you to make a mistake just doesn't seem right to me. And I truly hope we don't see these in Grand Junction anytime soon.

I will admit that I have received a ticket from a red-light camera it was 12 years ago just before I moved out of the Seattle area. I ran a yellow light and it turned to red quickly, I saw the picture taken and 2 weeks later I got a $126 ticket in the mail. I was never meaning to be unsafe, I thought I had plenty of time, but how can you argue with a picture. You just have to pay your fine and watch your insurance go up.

Since then I have had a clean driving record, but I still don't think that red-light cameras should be making their way to the western slope anytime soon. What do you think?

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