Based on three years of crash data, we now know the number one cause of motor vehicle accidents in Colorado.

What Kind of Driver Are You?

Think about your own driving for a moment. What kind of driver are you? Do you tend to hug the center line? Do you go to the other extreme and drive on the very outside edge of the lane? According to the Colorado State Patrol, both scenarios present unsafe driving situations for Colorado motorists.

Lane Violations Are the Leading Factor In Vehicle Crashes

The CSP investigated more than 1500 injury and fatal crashes from 2019-2021 and discovered that lane violations are the leading factor in vehicle crashes in Colorado. The report indicates that lane violations are the first or second factor in deadly crashes across all age groups.

Switching lanes in an unsafe manner is a big problem. Contributing to the problem, according to CSP, is motorists driving too close to the center line and crossing over, or driving too close to the exterior lane line and crossing over.

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Bad Driving Habits Can Cause Accidents

On a busy highway when traffic volume is high, the margin for error is small -even when people are driving carefully. Col. Mathew C. Packard, Chief of the Colorado State Patrol says "Sometimes it is a bad habit like preferring to hug the center line as we drive or other times it is because we are driving recklessly making poor passes or cutting over a lane without seeing another vehicle."

The state patrol is reminding drivers there should be room on both sides of their vehicle when driving down the highway.  They also suggest it's not a good idea to rely solely on the new technology of collision warning sensors. Checking blindspots with your own eyes is the best defense against a bad collision on the highway.

The Most Dangerous Colorado Counties to Drive Based on Fatal Accidents

While six Colorado counties managed zero fatal accidents in 2020, the rest were not nearly as safe to drive in.

White Knuckle Your Way Down Colorado's Most Dangerous Roads

Slivers of asphalt cling to mountainsides with barely enough room for a subcompact car, let alone the monster RVs peppering the roadways. Blind corners leave even the most experienced drivers wondering what awaits around the bend. Let's not forget the thousand-foot drops with nothing between safety and impending doom but a thin slice of gravel -- talk about white knuckles.

If you're brave enough to "risk your life" for beautiful views, you won't be disappointed.

How many of these dangerous roads have you traveled in Colorado?


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