If you're one of those that find yourself single on Valentine's Day and you really don't care about this day whatsoever but want to do something and you're really not sure what to do or where to go well perhaps this will help.

According to most of the comments, home seemed to be the best place to be. I'm not sure this would be a healthy setting for me if I were bummed about being alone on love day.

I'd end up eating two or three bowls of chocolate ice cream watching chick flicks, drinking wine and crying every time someone fell in love. Haha.

But for those that are secure being alone and it's just another day then home probably works just fine.

Other ideas that I thought were a riot came from our friend Christina Fox.

A tailgate singles party. I kind of like that idea.

McDonald's in Clifton will try and make the day special for all, couples and singles.

More non-romantic places mentioned were the Olive Garden and Roosters.

Truthfully, I embrace my singleness and know my Prince is out there somewhere, but he's currently busy fighting off all the dragons. I'm waiting patiently and enjoy every day with love not just because it's Valentine's Day.

Wherever your destination will end up being this Valentine's Day enjoy it and know YOU are awesome ... single or not. YOU ROCK.

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