The Avalon Theatre is celebrating its 95th anniversary and to celebrate they are turning down the sound.

Actually, there is no sound to turn down. The featured presentation is a silent movie from 1923 starring Harold LLoyd called "Safety Last!"  The movie is regarded as one of the best film comedies of all time. It wasn't until four years later we got our first talking movie. One thing we know for sure, there won't be any profanity.

The occasion for the showing of a silent movie is the 95th-anniversary celebration of Grand Junction's Avalon Theatre on Friday, January 5 at 7:00 pm. It's all about taking us back to the very beginning.

So, besides silent movies, what was going on in 1923? Well, you could get a pound of bacon for a quarter, a bunch of carrots for a dime, a new car for $570, or a country house and two barns for $20,000.

Other happenings in 1923, for those of us too young to remember ( oh, wait, that would be all of us) King Tut's tomb was opened, the first home game was played at the original Yankee Stadium, the first issue of Time Magazine was published, women's one-piece swimsuits began to be worn, and the first domestic refrigerator was sold in Sweden.

Meanwhile, in Grand Junction, Colorado, the Avalon Theatre was opening on Main Street providing a great entertainment venue in western Colorado.

Admission to this silent film feature is $12, and all proceeds will benefit the Avalon Theatre Foundation.

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