We all know that we don't sell cigarettes, alcohol, and porn to minors - but this may be the first time that eggs were included in the mix.

A grocery store in Pennsylvania has a sign in the window informing customers of their  no egg policy. No eggs sold to minors until after Halloween. The sign reads "Due to safety concerns we are not allowing the purchase of eggs by minors October 24 through November 1.”

According to WFMB, the no-eggs at Halloween policy is a policy of the grocery store chain based in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

Of course, we wonder what would prevent mischievous minors from simply shopping at other stores to fill their egg needs. Or, they could shop early and stock up. Or, what about other "fun" items like toilet paper and shaving cream?

The Ephrata Police Chief, Bill Harvey, is quoted as saying  utilizing eggs for Halloween pranks is not a big thing in that area, but he says the no-egg policy can help remove the temptation.

Do kids even use eggs for  "fun"  nowadays? Not that I ever used eggs as a kid for anything but scrambled eggs and Easter egg hunts, but I do recall that raw eggs got quite a bit of usage back in the day for things other than eating  and dying.