A new cave has been discovered in Glenwood Springs.

The new cave is located near Glenwood Caverns, one of the most popular tourist attractions in the state.

In October of this past year, Richard Rhinehart and his friend, Rob, were walking the mountainside looking for potential new caves when they spotted a large hole right next to Glenwood Caverns.

Richard told us, "It was a big surprise to come upon a large entrance that was previously unreported!"

They promptly named it the Witches' Pantry because of all the animal bones they found inside. He says there are large rooms inside the new cave, but some passages are as narrow as 10 inches they have to squeeze through.

According to Rhinehart, the cave is being mapped out but is in danger of being destroyed if a rock quarry nearby is allowed to expand. More chambers of the cave are expected to be mapped out in the coming weeks when the snow melts and the entrance to the cave is more accessible.

Personally, I think lighted caves like Glenwood Caverns are cool and fascinating, but dark caves are creepy and spooky. If you have even been inside a cave when they turn all the lights out, you know exactly what total darkness looks like. That is a weird feeling.

Sure, these cave explorers take their own light into the cave, but, for me crawling through tiny openings of previously unexplored underground caverns would be just a little frightening. What's looming in the darkness? Spiders? Snakes? Worms? Bats? Evil spirits?

I'm totally excited about the new cave discovery at Glenwood, but I'm perfectly content letting someone else do the discovering and the exploring. I can't wait to see the first pictures of the new discovery.

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