Today (February 28) is National Tooth Fairy Day. It is a day to celebrate the magical being that exchanges childrens' baby teeth left under the pillow for a treasure.

The history of the tooth fairy is varied and centuries old. But the common theme has always been the loss of baby teeth as a part of growing up

As we get older, we may wonder who exactly is this fairy who hunts for teeth under children's pillows? Some may also wonder, where does all the money - or other gift - come from and what becomes of all those teeth?

All of those questions get answered when we have children of our own, but one question that may still need clarification is this. How much should the tooth fairy pay?

According to USA Today, the average tooth fetched $3.19 in 2015. That's a decline from both 2013 and 2014.  There are some lucky kids who get $5 or more and some unlucky kids who get nothing. Is that like being on Santa's naughty list? I hope not.

Even though there is a specific day to recognize the tooth fairy, parents will tell you the real celebration comes when their child loses that first baby tooth.