While there are many things that people can argue and disagree about in the world right now, it's difficult to find anyone who isn't a fan of National Burrito Day. And if you didn't know National Burrito Day falls on the same day as April Fools' Day. So, today everyone is encouraged to find the burrito of their choice and stuff their face like no one is watching.

On National Burrito Day you will find specials going on through the Taco Bell app, at some Qdoba locations, and Chipotle is hosting some interactive game this year called "burrito or bitcoin".

Not Hard to Choose Between April Fools' Day or National Burrito Day

I'm sure some people are going to be celebrating both April Fools' Day and National Burrito Day but I am too old to pull pranks, plus people get too offended from harmless pranks. So, if I have to choose one of these special days to celebrate I say bring on a fresh-tasting burrito stuffed with everything including extra jalapenos.

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Obviously, National Burrito Day is All About Having Fun

Let's be honest, after the past year, we have all been through it's nice to have some fun days like National Burrito Day to make us have a little fun. I would highly encourage inviting some friends to join you for lunch today as you stop by your favorite location for a big ol' burrito.

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