There's an abundance of towns and cities with cool names in Colorado. Dinosaur, Centennial and Climax are all real town names in Colorado. This made me think, what city names are better than 'Grand Junction'?

I understand why we've been crowned 'Grand Junction' but I think we can do better. These are five city names that suit our town better than Grand Junction. If you have any other names for Grand Junction, I'd love to hear them.

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    Jurassic Park, Colorado

    There have been numerous dinosaur discoveries around Grand Junction. The town name Dinosaur is taken but we can do even better than that. Let's rename Grand Junction Jurassic Park and let's see what that does for our tourism.

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    Chiefer City, Colorado

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    Monument, Colorado

    You can literally see the reason why I chose this name.  The Monument is in our backyard and I think that's, well, monumental. Maybe this will give us better exposure and entice more people to hang out in Monument aka Grand Junction.

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    Crawford Valley, Colorado

    The town name Crawford is taken, that's alright because Crawford Valley sounds even better. This is obviously because of the founder of Grand Junction, George A. Crawford. Sounds like a valley of crawdads, but classy crawdads.

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    Encompass, Colorado

    I think Encompass is another better name for Grand Junction because we're encompassed by beauty. From the Monument, to the Bookcliffs, to the Mesa and to the rivers that run through all of it, Grand Junction is a beautiful place. Encompass sounds cool and has a cool meaning.

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