No, Fear Factor isn't coming to Grand Junction, but if it did, what events would scare contestants so much, they would cringe in horror?

Event 1-Navigating Roundabouts

We've discussed this before, but honestly, nothing strikes fear in the hearts of Grand Junction drivers like having to go through a roundabout. It would take a fearless attitude and nerves of steel to complete this one. The question is, which roundabouts would we choose?

Event 2-Making a left turn

It sounds easy, doesn't it? Just pull up there and make that good old left turn. Well, no. No one just makes left turns here. You make left turns while wearing a blindfold, texting and babysitting. The fun would start during rush hour on North Ave, then move to Patterson. A timed event sure to boost blood pressure!

Event 3-Driving The Colorado National Monument

For some, this is the most nerve wracking S.O.B. around. There are people in the area who will never go to the top of the Monument because they are literally afraid to drive that road. I have never had a problem with it, but then I rarely drive it at night, and night would be when this event would be held, so there's that.

Event 4-Waiting at the D.M.V.

It will take courage, patience and timing to survive this event. Standing in line, sitting next to the unwashed and not having the proper documents as well as having the right change for the parking meter are all part of this mind numbing event.

Event 5-Slicing your shot at the Lincoln Park Golf Course

I like this event. What would make it even more memorable is to hold it at peak traffic times. That way, those who are playing have that fear of slicing their shot into oncoming traffic! Imagine the enjoyment we would all get at golf balls flying all over the place down North Avenue!

What would be your Grand Junction Fear Factor events?

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