The annual car show in downtown Grand Junction never disappoints me, and this year is no exception. I wanted to share with you my six favorite cars from the show.

This year's car show was huge. There were 170 entries, which is the maximum number allowed. They weren't even able to take walk-up registrations this year the day of the event because there were so many entries. That right there speaks volumes of how highly regarded this event is.

It's a big show, and I think it's a great setting for classic cars. Main Street seems like the perfect setting for this type of event, and this is the 17th year of this annual car show.

Picking five favorite cars out of 170 is a most difficult task. There are plenty of cars that could have made the list, but when you limit yourself to just five, well, you just do the best you can.

Take a look at my six favorite cars in the show, plus the KOOLEST car in the show. If you weren't able to be there on Saturday, this will give you a good idea of how awesome the show was.

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