Today we are going to need snacks and lots of them. You and I will be learning some really cool stuff about movies filmed here in Grand Junction, and throughout Colorado.

There are spoilers and surprises ahead. There was at least 1 film on the list below that I had NO idea was filmed in Colorado. You'll probably find a few as well. You'll see the western slope represented often in this list of films and tv shows made right here.

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Have Movies Been Filmed in Grand Junction, Colorado?

You may not have heard of them all, but it's actually really cool how many movies have been made on the western slope. Did you know Kevin Costner once starred in a film that had some major scenes filmed in the Colorado National Monument? Did you know that Indiana Jones made one of his best discoveries here in Colorado? We'll take a closer look below.

The List of Films Made in Colorado is a Mile Long

The IMDB movie database offers over 5000 titles with filming locations in Colorado. That is going to include films, shorts, documentaries, scenes from video games, and series made for television. We could be here all day just talking about Westerns filmed in Colorado. The list of ski movies goes on forever, as do the seasons of Dynasty.

Did You Know These Movies Were Made in Colorado

I had no idea Indiana Jones discovered the holy grail near Durango, Colorado. I didn't know that the Rocky Mountains appear in Star Wars video games, and I watched American Flyers as a kid and had no idea it was filmed at the Colorado National Monument. Learn something new and scroll through these popular films that are Colorado-made.

41 Movies You May Not Have Known Were Filmed in Colorado

Get the popcorn ready because we're checking out a list of movies all filmed right here in the great state of Colorado. Scroll on to learn more about which parts of the state have been featured in some of America's favorite films.

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