In light of the train wreck that became the Oscars last night, I thought I would take a few moments and share a few of MY most embarrassing public moments.

Let the hilarity ensue.

Lost my Kilt!

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During a performance of Brigadoon, my kilt came flying off during a chase scene. Fortunately for the audience, I was not a true Scot on that day!

Is it Gary Or Jerry?

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During a televised portion of the Labor Day telethon, I was reading off the list of recent contributors, and referred not once, not twice, but THREE times to the host as Gary Lewis. As we all know, Gary is Jerry's REAL kid. And a fine musician. Yep. The Gary Lewis Labor Day Telethon. SMH.

Someone's Knockin at The Door


During one overnight shift on the air, I put on a very long song (Innagadadavida) and went outside to stretch my legs, have a cigarette (bad Jack, I know) and relax, which I did. Watching the time on my watch, I decided to head back up to the studio, which was in a secured building. No matter, I had placed a rock in the door to make sure I could get back in. What I had NOT planned for was the night watchman seeing said rock and kicking it out of the door. 10 minutes later, I got back in, the song having ended 5 minutes previously and, as this was a record, treated the listeners to the unmistakeable sound of the needle just going back and forth into the label.

Lesson learned? Take your keys next time.

And finally.

Dude, where are the keys?

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During one remote broadcast in a rather large city, I was given the responsibility of driving the traveling studio to the event, setting up the remote and returning the vehicle to the station.

All went well until it was time to get packed up and leave. It was then that I realized, I no longer had the keys.

The DJ that day had used them to unlock the storage locker and forgot to return them. He lived 80 miles from the event, so I had to stay with the vehicle the entire night.

Those are the only ones I will admit to. Surely I am not the ONLY one who has had public gaffes, right? Share yours and let's all enjoy!