Milk does a dinner party good. At leasy that's what this video would have you believe, anyway.

Forget pinot noir or merlot: in this video from Bon Appetit and the "Got Milk" ad campaign, chef -- and milk sommelier -- Brooke Williamson suggests "a chilled glass of 2% milk is the perfect combination of refreshment and balance" to help you wash down the pasta she recommends you serve at dinner parties.


Yeah, she's talking about milk the way some people with their noses way up in the air talk about wine. You know, the beverage kids devour while gobbling up chocolate chip cookies after school. Williamson is pushing it in an environment where people discuss art and the events of the day. Perhaps you should also hire a waiter to walk around reminding people, "A glass of 2%? It expires Thursday, so you should take a glass now."

Milk at a fancy party just sounds wrong, doesn't it? Like, "Oscar winner Carrot Top." Then again, many people never thought "World Series champion Chicago Cubs" would be a thing, but here we are in 2016, so maybe we ought to give milk and dinner parties a try.

This appears to be some sort of movement to make milk the drink of choice when having a hoity-toity party with fancy food. It's an interesting attempt to reach a new demographic. What do you think? Would you ever serve milk as the beverage of choice when hosting a gathering?

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