The retrial of Michael Blagg is underway, but will it produce the same verdict as before or will there be a completely different outcome?

The former Grand Junction man was convicted in 2004 of murdering his wife, Jennifer, in 2001. His daughter Abbey remains missing and is presumed dead.

A retrial was granted in 2014 when it was discovered a juror had lied about being a victim of domestic violence. The trial was moved out of Mesa County to Golden, where opening statements got underway this week.

Much like the Paige Birgfeld case, the Michael Blagg proceedings have captured the attention of Grand Junction residents over the years and the story has been featured on national television.

But, now that the trial is out of Mesa County, will the verdict be different?

Plenty of questions remain. If Michael Blagg did not kill his wife, who else wanted her dead? And, where is the Blaggs' daughter Abby? No doubt, the Blagg defense will have plenty of answers that it didn't have during his first trial nearly 15 years ago.

We want to know what Grand Junction thinks about Michael Blagg's new trial. Does a new trial mean a new verdict, or will it still be the same evidence that produces the same result? Take our poll below and help us determine how Grand Junction expects this trial to end.

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