If you have ever wanted to ride with a Colorado sheriff's deputy, there are a couple of ways to make that happen.

One way to get a free ride with a Mesa County Sheriff's deputy is to commit a crime. Criminal suspects always receive free transportation to the Mesa County Detention Center. This probably isn't the best idea to get a free ride.

A better way to get a free ride with a sheriff's deputy is to apply for a ride-along. If you are interested in a career in law enforcement or, if you are simply interested in the process, ride-a-longs are available to local residents in Mesa County.

How Do I Apply For A  Mesa County Ride-a-Long?

If you are at least 18 years of age, you can fill out an application. Some possible disqualifiers are if you have a felony conviction, two or more misdemeanor convictions, illegal drug use and/or alcohol abuse, or a domestic violence crime-related conviction.

Assuming none of the disqualifiers apply, you can fill out the brief application on the Mesa County website. It will ask you why you want to do a ride-a-long, any medical conditions you have, and your basic contact information.

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What Happens On A Mesa County Ride-a-Long?

If you are approved, you'll have the chance to ride with an on-duty patrol officer as the deputy responds to service calls, and conducts standard patrol operations. Whenever law enforcement is involved, there is a heightened degree of risk and danger. There could be some high-speed and emergency situations - or it could end up being an uneventful few hours. Either way, it won't cost you anything more than your time.

Regardless of what happens on your ride-a-long, it's likely going to be an interesting experience that may change the way you view local law enforcement.

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