Would you be surprised to learn that a slight majority of Mesa County residents were not born in Colorado?

Colorado Natives Are Proud

I think Colorado natives are a proud bunch - and I don't mean that in a negative way. It's just a feeling I get whenever I talk to people who were born in Colorado and have lived here all their lives. People tend to have special feelings about their geographic heritage - especially when they have a long-lasting connection to the place where they grew up.

However, one thing that is constant in life is change. Circumstances and situations change and oftentimes we are forced to modify our life's plans and direction - and that includes where we choose to live.

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Half of Mesa County Residents Aren't From Colorado

I was surprised to learn recently that about half of Mesa County residents were not born in Colorado. According to the report from Slacker, 49.1% of Mesa County residents were born in Colorado, which actually follows a statewide trend that shows a majority of counties in the state are filled with people who aren't originally from the Centennial state. Mesa County ranks 28th in the state when it comes to having the most Colorado natives. Montrose County ranks 29th, and Delta County is number 24.

In Mesa County, 46% of the population was born in another U.S. state or territory, and 4.1% were born in another country.

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