A former prosecutor in the Mesa County District Attorney's Office has been suspended for smuggling drugs into the county jail.

The Denver Post reports Jason Conley smuggled drugs into the county jail four times in 2020. An admission of misconduct filed in January with the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel indicates Conley smuggled synthetic marijuana wax and methamphetamine into the jail for a client.

How Did the Drug Smuggling Go Down?

According to the report, Conley provided the drugs because he feared for the safety of his client, Dalton Castleberry, who, reportedly, had been threatened by another inmate if he didn't provide him with marijuana wax.

The admission of misconduct states that three of the drug deliveries were marijuana but, the fourth was methamphetamine. Conley told investigators he was not aware the final package contained meth rather than marijuana wax.

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Lawyer Suspended From Practicing Law For Two Years

Conley pleaded guilty to a felony count of introducing contraband to a jail. Court records indicate he received a deferred two-year sentence and was ordered to complete 120 hours of public service, pay a $2,000 fine, and serve 14 days of home confinement. The lawyer has been suspended from practicing law for two years.

In the admission, Conley stated his regret in his "lapse of judgment and any negative consequences it brought." The admission also noted that he was "extraordinarily honest" with investigators during this process and that he has been a part of the Mesa County legal community for 15 years.

It's a mistake that has been accompanied by consequences for Conley. Unquestionably, he has regrets about his actions and it's a hard lesson learned.

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