The idea that men spend more time on the toilet than women, while not the most shocking news you will hear today, is rather surprising.

Sitting on the toilet is not something we talk about with our friends or our spouse. Why would we? But, then again, why not?

We all do it so there's nothing abnormal or unusual about it. We certainly don't want a play-by-play description ( I can hear the legendary Harry Caray shouting "There it goes!! Can you believe it??"). Speaking of which, if we had bathroom play-by-play it might sound like this.

So maybe this isn't the topic of discussion around the water cooler at work, but we certainly don't need to hide from the fact that we all spend a fair portion of our lives sitting on the porcelain piano.

According to the Daily Mail, men spend an average of one hour and 35 minutes on the toilet each week - about 14 minutes per day. For women, the total is a mere 55 minutes per week, or eight minutes a day. That's is a surprising statistic in light of the fact that women generally sit down on the toilet much more than men.

This might be the reason for the disparity. According to the survey, 86% of men say on the toilet is where they get most of their reading done, while that is true for only 27% of women.

It also seems to indicate a major difference in attitude between the sexes. For women it's get in, get it done, and get out. For men, the attitude has more of a "what's the rush" tone.

Personally, it's not really about reading, although, admittedly, I tend to check out the latest posts on Pro Football while I'm passing the time.

No, for me, it's more about getting the job done no matter how long it takes. There's not much worse than a job only half done, so don't rush me - and don't time me!

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