Everybody is looking in the mirror, but it turns out that men are doing it way more than women. Seriously?

Female first.com reports a new survey indicates that the average guy spends about 56 minutes a day looking at this reflection, while the average woman spends about 43 minutes in front of the mirror.

Here's what you have to take into account. Standing in front of the mirror shaving, seeing yourself in the car mirror, looking at the mirror in the bathroom at the gym, work, and restaurants, windows on the street, your reflection in your computer screen or smart phone, and getting ready for bed.

We aren't talking about guys standing in front of a mirror admiring themselves, or primping.  Who does that? The fact is, there are many instances through the day where we see our reflection. But, 56 minutes??

Okay, here's my day. I am probably in front of the mirror for 30 minutes in the morning doing all of the daily necessities. Before bedtime, it's probably a good five minutes, so now we are at 35 minutes. I can't believe there are 20 minutes in the rest of the day when I'm seeing my reflection. If I DO happen to pause for a moment to check myself out, I'm pretty sure it's for five seconds or less at a time.

So, I want to know who these men are who are spending so much time in front of the mirror and making it look like the male species has become incredibly vain. Maybe we have, but I have serious doubts about that, at least here in America. I think we have been victimized by a survey taken in a foreign country, where there are clear differences in lifestyles.

I'm not knocking it or dissing them, but I still think women spend way more time looking in the mirror than men. It only makes sense. They have hair AND make-up to worry about. I don't blame them one bit for any of the time they might spend in front of the mirror.

Let's do our own survey and see who's spending more time at the looking glass.


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