On Memorial Day the NJCAA JUCO World Series always has ways of saluting those that were lost in battle. This year was no different. They had all the people who have lost family members in the line of duty stand and be honored. They also recognized all the veterans in the stands. They decided that they would release white doves to honor those that were lost and it went terribly wrong.

When they released the doves they flew around the park like they usually do. Only this time, the doves flew into the protecting net behind home plate. Not just one, but a flock of them. The doves obviously got scared and flew back into the crowd. One man, who was sitting not to far from where I was, had the dove land in his lap. So he picked it up and re-released it.

Britton Crone
Britton Crone

A few bystanders had doves fly right into their heads, and a flock of the doves flew right into the net. The crowd was astonished, some laughed, others 'awwweeeddd'. I'm not sure what the white doves were covered in because you could see white dust on the net after this happened. Above, you can see the blotches of white on the net and in the circle on the right there is still a feather stuck to the net.

Thankfully, everyone was alright, the doves lived and the game went on. It was one of the wierdest things I have ever seen though. Did you see this at the game last night? Were you one of the people laughing or Awwwwing?


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