Mesa County officially has a new sheriff.

Mesa County Commissioners Appoint New Sheriff

On Monday, the Board of Mesa County Commissioners appointed a new sheriff to fill out the term of Sheriff Matt Lewis, who is leaving the post to take a position at Community Hospital.

Undersheriff Todd Rowell has been selected to take over for Lewis and fill the position until a new sheriff is elected and takes office in January of 2023. Rowell has been with the Mesa County Sheriff's Office since 2000, receiving several awards including two life-saving medals and serving six years as the President of the Mesa County Deputy Sheriff's Association.

Janet Rowland, Chair of the Board of Mesa County Commissioners says Rowell is "invested in many community endeavors, especially in the Clifton area" calling him a  "solid choice" for Mesa County Sheriff. Rowland said Mesa County voters elected Matt Lewis twice and says she believes they have an "obligation to listen to his thoughtful recommendation."

New Sheriff Says Mesa County Is Home

In a release from the sheriff's office, Rowell said "This community is m home and where I've chosen to raise my family." Rowell says he looks forward to "partnering with our residents to find creative solutions to resolve public safety concerns in Mesa County."

Rowell becomes the 22nd sheriff of Mesa County and will take over at 5pm on August 6. Considering Rowell's long-time employment with the sheriff's office, the transition should be pretty seamless.

Sheriff Matt Lewis Moves On

Meanwhile, Mesa County Sheriff Matt Lewis leaves the department after serving for 25 years - the past six years as sheriff. Lewis will become the Director of Safety and Security for Community Hospital beginning August 9.

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