Perhaps we have known it from the beginning of mankind, but we now have living proof that women are from Venus and men are creeps.

I am a classic TV nut, and a lifelong fan of Gilligan's Island. Even after all these years of watching episodes over and over again, there is something about the show and its characters that is very endearing. It is somewhat remarkable that a cast member from that show would be actively engaged in today's social media.

Dawn Wells, best known as Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island, is very active on Facebook, and being such a huge fan of the show I started following her. She travels around the country making appearances, doing book signings, and she often times posts scrapbook photos of the good old days.

I never ... and I mean never understand how stupid, crude, ignorant and embarrassing men can be. The comments that so many men make leave me shaking my head in disbelief.

Dawn Wells is 77 years old and through the years has made a great attempt to maintain the "look" that her fans came to admire from her three-season run on Gilligan's Island.

There is no question that she was an attractive woman and caused us to even ask the question "Ginger or Mary Ann." And, sure, she looks good for her age. But, holy cow, we've got grown men acting like adolescent boys toward a woman who is approaching 80!

Men just don't know when to quit. Look at some of these actual comments that have been made on the Dawn Wells Facebook page - by men.

*You are very lovely Miss Wells
*Dawn, you are one very hot woman. Wow!
*You are the stuff dreams are made of.
*Mary Ann was in Roanoke last night and I wasn't there.  Could have been a cool date night..,,yeppers.
*Me believe my teen crush is starting all over again.
*Wow, you are still beautiful
*You should come to my place
*Still, oh, so hot
*She is a serious GILF
*Dawn, you're gorgeous. Luv you.
*Still my first wet dream

Are you kidding me?

I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

Why can't guys just me normal and decent, and think with their brains instead of below the waist. I think to myself, "Poor, Dawn."  But, I know that she isn't the only woman that deals with such inappropriate  and ridiculous comments.

There is no denying it. Men are creeps. Right now, I'm a bit embarrassed to be a man and I just want to say "guys, stop it! C'mon man!"