Rangers at Colorado National Monument had to remove two names carved into the top of Liberty Cap. Can you help identify the names.

Rangers had to use a chisel and hammer to take layers of rock away from the graffiti that was left by two individuals -- Karlie + Shawn -- who thought it was a good idea to leave their legacy behind.

If you have any information about this couple, please contact Colorado National Monument at 970-858-3617 ext. 360.

As much as we like people to know where we've been and what we've done, defacing nature isn't the right choice, that's why we have social media. Take a picture so ALL your friends can see.

Let's put this into perspective, in Glen Canyon, a visitor climbed a fence and carved his name in an ancient rock panel, he was fined $10,100.

At El Morro National Park in New Mexico, a pair of vandals left their mark on Inscription Rock which is a treasured panel where 19th-century soldiers and pioneers etched their names. These two were fined close to $15,000 each.

When visitors see graffiti they feel it's OK for them to leave their mark as well. But, if we keep an eye out for people leaving their own personal mark and report them, our natural treasures have a better chance at staying beautiful.

Remember: Make Memories and Leave No Trace!

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