A nice sand beach seems to be one of the last things people think they will find when they visit the state of Colorado. Thankfully, this just isn't the case. Grab the sunscreen and your favorite beach towel as we check out 10 of Colorado's best sand beaches.

Meant for the communities around them to enjoy, several lakes and reservoirs have dedicated a part of their shoreline to sand. Many of the beaches in the gallery below have picnic tables and bathrooms, while others have campgrounds nearby.

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Dip Your Toes in the Colorado Sand

Of the many Colorado lakes and reservoirs you can visit for a fun day on the water, not all of them were designed to have a sandy beach area. While you can swim at almost all of Colorado's lakes and reservoirs, you'll find a beautiful beach at the following places:

Colorado's Largest Sand Beach Area

The largest beach in Colorado is likely the sandy shores of Medano Creek at the Great Sand Dunes National Park. While the season is short (May and June), when Medano Creek is flowing it's the perfect place to splash with the family and younger children.

Rocky Canyon Swim Beach in Pueblo is another place to consider if you want a ton of sand to play on. The Western Slope's Blue Mesa is another great option for a larger area of sand to go play in.

Colorado's Busiest Beach

Look no further than the Boulder Reservoir. This 700-acre facility has tons of great activities to offer during the summer months and is a great place to rent paddle boards and kayak equipment. About 300,000 people enjoy the reservoir each year so if you are looking for an action-packed beach, this is the one.

10 Sand Beaches You Should Run Barefoot On This Summer in Colorado

It's true. You can actually go to the beach in the state of Colorado. Several sand beaches can be found at our lakes and reservoirs if you know where to look. Some sand beaches can even be found up in the mountains. Scroll on for some places to plant your toes in the sand without leaving the Centennial State.

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