Colorado has no shortage of impressive and majestic views, especially when it comes to being photo-worthy, or good "for the gram." This particular sunflower field could be one of the very best places to strike a pose in the state. (Scroll down to enter to win a free photoshoot for you or your family with the sunflowers.)

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Best Places To Take Photos In Colorado

Being born in Colorado, I, like many others, probably take for granted all of the beauty that our amazing state has to offer. Honestly, when was the last time you even went to the mountains? I went over a year ago when we took my son to "Tiny Town" last summer. I've lived here so long that, sadly, I've just become numb to how beautiful the Colorado mountains actually are. Even with so many awesome photo ops around, I just don't typically stop and "smell the roses," or I guess sunflowers in this case.

Courtesy of Anderson Farms
Courtesy of Anderson Farms

U-Pick Sunflowers Field In Erie, Colorado

Anderson Farms has become one of my absolute favorite fall family fun destinations over the last decade or so. If you've never been to Terror In The Corn, you've never truly experienced a legit haunted attraction. And their Fall Festival can keep you and your family busy for hours and hours. Three years ago, they introduced something new, the "U-Pick Sunflowers" experience, which has quickly become one of the area's favorite places for photo ops in the state. Although the season is fairly short due to mother nature, from July 27 through Aug. 26, you can experience this amazing 15-acre sunflower field. With over 50 different types of sunflowers and wildflowers, it's almost picture-perfect for any late summer or early fall photoshoot you have planned. Wanna win a free sunflower festival photoshoot from Anderson Farms?

Win A Free Sunflower Photoshoot From Anderson Farms

Courtesy of Anderson Farms
Courtesy of Anderson Farms

We're teaming up with our friends at Anderson Farms to give you an opportunity at a professional photography session at their gorgeous sunflower field. Need to do some senior photos or family portraits for the upcoming holidays? Maybe you just need some new profile pics for your social media accounts; we got you. Sign up below!

We'll get to the pumpkin patches and haunted fun soon enough, but first, let's enjoy these beautiful sunflowers at Anderson Farms!

Look Around Abandoned + Very Old Colorado Stagecoach Stop

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

Someone stumbled upon quite the hidden gem and discovered an old Colorado stagecoach stop that has been abandoned for some time.

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