Hey, guess what?

Your house is full of POISON.

No, not this Poison. (Enigma Records)
No, not this Poison. (Enigma Records)

No, not that poison, I mean actual poison. Although if your house is filled with the '80s hair band Poison, your house is awesome and don't let anyone tell you different.

From things as innocuous as used batteries, to things. Obviously bad like gasoline disposing of certain items around the house can cause major damage to plants, animals and society in general.

An accurate depiction of what happens when the water is contaminated. (The Simpsons, Disney)
An accurate depiction of what happens when the water is contaminated. (The Simpsons, Disney)

If certain chemicals are not disposed of properly, they can seep into the groundwater, turning our water taps into liquid death dispensers.

Am I overreacting? Yeah probably, but I'm in the media so overreacting and freaking people out is about 60% of my job. You're welcome.

But seriously, throwing away toxic chemicals like Mercury really does have a serious impact on public health. So much so that there are several national and state laws on the books that punish those who are careless with these materials.

For example, if you were to take some old motor oil and dump it into a storm drain, you'd be looking at a $10,000 FINE and possible JAIL TIME.

Nobody wants to pay a huge fine or wind up in the pokey, so...

Here is a list of things that are illegal to throw away at home, and as an added bonus, we have included how to dispose of these items properly so you don't wind up at Shawshank for throwing away your old BlackBerry.

These Things Are Illegal To Throw Away In Utah

These items are only to be disposed of at the local landfill, and not in your home garbage cans.
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