It’s no secret that Utahns are often seen as a peculiar people. 

From the way many of us dress(T-shirts under tank tops anyone?) to the way that we swear, people have made lots of observations about the differences between us in the beehive state and the rest of the world.

Special thanks to the good people on the Facebook group Utah Satire for the inspiration and insight to make this list possible.  Below you will find a list of things that Utahns say are commonly found in Utah homes, but not so commonly found in other places.

Usually when I put together a list like this, I will get someone saying something like “nope! I have a ton of these things in my house but I’m from Idaho!  You lose radio boy!!!”

Yeah. OK I get it. Having a piano in your house for example, isn’t uniquely a Utah thing, but it is far more common in Utah than it is in other places.

Also, none of this is made to mock or offend. Keep in mind, I’m a Utahn myself, and I have a good portion of this list in my home as well. So if you think for a minute that I am making fun of you for having a cheugy wooden sign, keep in mind that I can LIVE, LAUGH and LOVE with the best of you.

So gather round Brothers and Sisters.  Crack open a bucket of rancid wheat and fire up the Scentsy candle, because we’re about to journey into the belly of the Utah beast, the family home.

25 Weird Things You'll Find In Utah Homes

If your house has 5 or more of these things, there's a good chance you're from Utah.
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