There are two kinds of people in the world - picky eaters, and non-picky eaters. Here is a test that will tell you how picky you are.

I took the quiz on BuzzFeed and discovered that I am, indeed, a very picky eater. Oh, wait. Actually, I already knew I was a picky eater. It's been a life-long disorder which I did not choose. but am quite familiar with.

People who aren't picky eaters have a difficult time understanding -- and tolerating those of us who are.

There are many different reasons why we don't like a particular food. It could be related to texture, it might be the taste, or in some cases, it's because we have never really tried it but for some reason have a food bias - be it founded or unfounded.

I don't enjoy being a picky eater. I truly wish I could eat more things, and experience more kinds of food. But, the fact is, I'm a meat and potatoes guy - who loves pizza and tacos. No to avocados, tomatoes, and berries. No to shell fish, asparagus, and peas. Yes, to meat, bread, and cookies.

So he quiz on BuzzFeed lists 87 foods and condiments. There were 39 things on the list I won't eat. Wow! That's almost half. Are you kidding me?? Am I really that bad? I was labeled "pickiest of ALL the picky eaters."

Think you will do better? Take the BuzzFeed quiz right here and then let us know how you rate. Share your score in the comment box below. Is it possible there is a more picky eater in the Grand Valley than me?



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