Having read a story about a Colorado mom who lost her limbs to Sepsis, I thought I would find out more about it and see if it's a problem in Grand Junction.

First of all, what is Sepsis? Sepsis (Septicemia) occurs in the bloodstream when chemicals introduced into the body to fight infection triggers inflammation throughout the body. Septic shock can also come from a cut or abrasion, if untreated. This can cause a shutdown of vital organs and lead to death. Symptoms include fever (101 or above) or hypothermia(Below 98.6), difficulty breathing, low blood pressure, fast heart rate and mental confusion, as well as chills and a rash.

While there have been no reports yet in Grand Junction and the surrounding area, the symptoms are very similar to the flu. Those on immunosuppressive medications (organ transplants, for example), undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments, has Aids or is very young or very old are susceptible, but if you are taking anything to fight infection and are feeling these effects, you need to go to a doctor. Fast.

Sepsis, by all accounts, seems to be a difficult diagnosis, as many factors have to be prevalent in order for it to be identified. And it also seems to infect the very young or very old, although those in their 20's to 40's have contracted the disease as well.

The best thing you can do is if you think you are experiencing many or most of those symptoms, get to a doctor. Fast.

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