The Colorado state flower is the beautiful Rocky Mountain Columbine. But is Colorado's sweet smelling state flower illegal to pick?

The Rocky Mountain Columbine has been Colorado's state flower since in 1899, thanks to some Colorado students. When you see something that looks as beautiful and smells as sweet as the Columbine does, it makes you wonder -- can I pick these flowers? Is it illegal to pick the Colorado state flower?

The answer to that is yes. It's been illegal to pick the Rocky Mountain Columbine since 1925. The Columbine is illegal to pick on public lands.

Although you can't pick the Columbine on public land, there is another way. You could get lucky and find the flowers on someone's private land and then ask if they'll share. You can't pick the Columbine flower on someone's property without their consent.

The Rocky Mountain Columbine was discovered on Pikes Peak in 1820. The Columbine's blue-violet petal symbolizes the sky, their white cup is a symbol of snow and yellow symbolizes Colorado's gold mining history.

Next time you see a Rocky Mountain Columbine, do stop and smell the flowers. Just don't pick them.

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