This largely neglected peace lily outside my office gave me a big surprise this week and 'miraculously' bloomed for Easter.

Part of the miracle is this plant has managed to stay alive for the last several years with barely any effort on my part.

It's still in the original pot, only gets watered when I notice it's wilted to the point the leaves are touching the table and I think it had plant food once that I can remember.

This lily was blooming when I received it and then went a couple of years before it decided to bloom again. It's probably been well over a year since I last saw it flower. Most of the time it's just a green plant on a table.

The flowering may be part of it's natural cycle. To me, and others who think of Easter as a time to remember the death and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, the sudden "miraculous" blossom pales in comparison to the true Easter miracle.

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