The first Casa Bonita was opened in Oklahoma City in 1968 and in Denver they built the facility in 1973 and opened in 1974 and seats over 1,000 people. Casa Bonita is known for its waterfalls and cliff divers and has been memorialized in tv shows like South Park and the reboot of Roseanne.

CKE Restaurants operates Casa Bonita in Denver, having purchased it from founder Bill Waugh. They also operate Hardee's Restaurants and Carl's Jr. restaurants and as many of you may have seen, this story has been circulating the internet about them opening a Casa Bonita on North Avenue and 28 Road.

I contacted CKE this morning to verify if, in fact, that was their intention, as well as the Grand Junction Economic Partnership. Not long ago, we raised the same question.

Casa Bonita opening in Grand Junction would be a fascinating addition to the restaurants already here. And of course the employment opportunities would be welcome, but is the story true?

No. It's not true. It wasn't true last year and it isn't true today. So for those of you who were getting ready to audition to be a cliff diver, that will have to wait. Here is the response from the Grand Junction Economic Partnership concerning Casa Bonita:

"Thank you for reaching out to GJEP! I’m afraid the Casa Bonita move to Grand Junction is just a rumor that resurfaces every so often. There’s no truth to it as far as we know."

Sorry to burst your bubble, Grand Junction, but unless you go to Denver, you won't be standing in front of the place and, in your best Cartman voice, shouting:

"Casa Bonita? Cool!"

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