Disclaimer: The information in this article comes from a satirical website and an author with a satirical point of view. This article was written purely as entertainment for the reader.

It was announced today, (October 2), a Casa Bonita Mexican restaurant will be opening on North Avenue giving some credibility to the revitalization of the corridor.

According to satirical site BreakingNews247, Casa Bonita was purchased by CKE Restaurants, who also owns Carl's Jr., for an undisclosed amount.

The new owners feel Grand Junction is the perfect city and North Avenue the perfect location.

A spokesperson for CKE said after talking with officials about their plans for revitalization along North Avenue, it made sense to put a historic Colorado restaurant on an equally historic street.

While not confirmed, it's believed there is some discussion about renaming the street Casa Bonita Boulevard because of the incredible economic impact the restaurant will have on the community.

The restaurant is slated to be built at 28 Road and North Avenue. An unnamed source says the current plan is to build a freestanding structure to enhance and attract more businesses to open in an adjacent shopping center.

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