Grand Junction peeps will be busy on Independence Day.

Independence Day I will be doing ________?  Is what we asked our fans on Facebook.

Some visiting their family, having picnics, taking time to rest and enjoy the moment for once. Unfortunately, there were many that said that they have to work on the 4th of July.

That just flat out stinks if you ask me.

I told everyone I'll be skiing at A-Basin which I'm super excited about.

Many people traveling this year:

Others enjoying time with their family and friends.

If I wasn't working I'd probably be doing what Daphne Rotolo or Michelle McDowell plan on:

Super happy for LorriHotz Miller ... ENJOY!

For everyone else that has to work. That's such a bummer. Sorry. I hope your day ends well and you have an amazing day after all.

Happy Independence Day. May it be delightful in all you do.

Be safe.

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