You're down to the wire for filing income tax and wish there was some extra time before tax day. Good news, you don't have to file by April 15 to be on time.

Thanks to the calendar and a law that prohibits tax deadlines from being on holidays, you have two extra days to file. If you're like me, you'll need both of them.

This year, tax day is on April 17th. Here's why. April 15th is Sunday and even the IRS isn't bold enough to mess with God on that day. Monday, April 16th, is Emancipation Day, a legal holiday in Washington D.C. So, that makes Tuesday, April 17th, Tax Day 2018.

There are some who, even with the extra days, aren't going to be able to pull everything together to file on time. The IRS understands, kind of. If you owe money to the taxman, you still have to make a well-educated estimate, fill out a form requesting an extension, and send the estimated amount you owe.

If you're getting a refund, the IRS would like you to file on time. However, they're more than happy to hang on to the money they owe you if you don't. In fact, if the IRS owes you money, you don't even have to let them know you're filing late.

That doesn't mean you can put it off for months. You still have to file, that's the law. Besides, only a fool wouldn't try to get back the hard-earned money the government has been holding on their behalf, especially when they aren't even nice enough to pay you interest on it.

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