In the US, April starts with April Fool's Day and about two weeks later, Income Tax Day. Which begs the question, are you a fool if you wait until April to file your taxes? Not in 2017, because you can file after April 15 and still be on time.

Don't get too excited about the no penalty extension because it is only three days. This year, rather than being due on April 15, the income tax deadline is April 18. This is not a belated April Fool's Day prank.

There is a very logical reason for the extra days to file your 2016 tax return. Income tax deadlines are always business days and since the normal filing date of the 15th is on Saturday, the deadline should be the next business day which is Monday, April 17, but in 2017 it's not.

The deadline is actually - drum roll please - Tuesday, April 18. If you think this is still an April prank, I understand. But like I said before, there's a logical reason for this.

The reason is Monday, April 17 is a federal holiday and the Internal Revenue Service gets the day off. So filers get an extra, extra day to file. For people like me who owe money to the IRS and will delay filing until the last possible moment, it's three additional days until we drain our bank account.

If you think the federal holiday making this all possible might be Easter, which falls on Sunday, April 16 in 2017, it's not. So, technically you can't thank Jesus or a bunny for the extra days to file. However, thanking the Lord is still a good idea.

The federal holiday being celebrated on Monday is Emancipation Day, which is Sunday, April 16. That date in 1862 marked the end of slavery in Washington D.C. Slavery was completely abolished by President Abraham Lincoln's proclamation and executive order, the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863.

If you're still inclined to despise tax day, even with the extra days this year, consider this. The first tax day was March 1, 1913. If that were still the due date and you haven't filed your taxes, you'd be really late.

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