Thanks to some cautious and smart residents, the Montrose Police Department is aware of an IRS scam that in one significant way seems to link back to the police department.

The scam is the age-old 'you're in trouble and we're going to arrest you if you don't pay up.' The twist is the scammers are spoofing the Montrose Police Department's telephone number 970-252-5200.

People who suspected something about the call sounded fishy, researched the telephone number and found it was the main line to the Montrose Police Department. Since the caller uses the word arrest and they're allegedly calling from the police department, some might think this is the real deal.

People who were skeptical called the number and found as suspected, there is no IRS sting in Montrose and the police were not coming to arrest them. To those who alerted police, thanks for the detective work. Hopefully, you've spared many others from falling for this scam.

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