For most people, clowns can be funny, like those in the circus, or scary, like the villainous ones in horror movies. Then there are people who are afraid of clowns in any situation. If that describes you, be glad you don't live in this town.

For people in Waukesha, Wisconsin and especially students at Carroll University, a clown that keeps appearing in the area is definitely on the creepy side.

According to news reports and the town's police department, the person in the clown suit is a developmentally disabled teenager who apparently enjoys the reaction of people when they see him.

The teenage clown hasn't approached anyone, but still people are nervous about this strange person.

Even though authorities have asked the teen's parents to make him stop, his mother, Anna Linde, defends his actions saying, while her son is doing something out of the ordinary, he's not harming anyone. Plus, he's not doing anything illegal.

Linde does admit the mask her son currently wears may frighten some people, so she is buying him a couple of new masks that are more fun and friendly.

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